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The Jovell: A Jewel in the East

The Jovell is a new condo for sale on Flora Drive in Singapore District 17. Hong Leong Holdings Ltd. is a 99-year-old condominium. The apartment is located on Floral Drive and is a 428-unit mid-level housing complex in a structure with a large recreational pool of 2,700 square meters at the entrance to The Jovell.

I feel that The Jovell’s pricing is on the high side compared to the surrounding units which are about 20% more expensive. I think the price and length of the project (99 year lease starting in 2018) are also high compared to projects in the area that started between 2010 and 2012 because they were built in 2-3 years. 

The 678 square foot 2 bedroom studio unit at the Jovell is on the small side if you are coming from an older gated community. The living room is a good size with an open kitchen that wastes no space. The small room plan uses very little wasted space with a small bay window. 

The kitchen is a good sized countertop for a 1 bedroom unit. It is a large space for a 2 bedroom unit and shares space with the entry. 

Efficiency and conservation of energy. It is both about energy savings, less waste and less environmental impact. But a minor but substantial difference exists.

Technology is about energy efficiency in Jovell condo. An energy efficient freezer, for example, uses far fewer energy than an old cooler. And an LED light bulb consumes less energy to generate the same quantity of light than an old light bulb. Efficiency is about simply using updated technology to waste less energy. That is why Jovell is the award winning condo.

Instead of leaving the appliances on standby, energy conservation refers to the behaviour, for example by shutting off light when you leave a room or withdrawing the power plug on the wall.

I find it odd that there is no space for a refrigerator function like the one above it and that there is a gap that seems to be an oversight. 

The master bedroom measures 11 square feet (similar to the 3 bedroom unit I tested) and is not as large as the 4 bedroom unit I saw (14-15 square feet in that unit), but it has decent queen sized beds and is easy to get to. Similar story in the 2 bedrooms shown in the unit, the master bedroom is small enough to have enough room for a queen size bed. The living room is also on the small side, but there is no restriction on the work area in the living room. 

If you need a comparison, I think the one bedroom work unit layout is much better than what I’ve seen in the Irwell Hill residence. I think it is designed to be as efficient as possible as there is a good sized study with attached bathroom next to it. 

The Jovell was designed by renowned developer Hong Leong Holdings Limited and consists of nine 8-story blocks, one of which includes a clubhouse, parking, pool, tennis courts and other amenities. Built by three of Singapore’s top developers, high quality imported fittings and finishes are used to ensure Jovell residents get good quality and value for their home purchase. From 1-bedroom units to 4-bedroom units with different floors, different pools and landscaped areas, this is the perfect home for any family. 

It is designed to offer residents a luxurious resort feel with dreamy facades and unique amenities. It has a land area of 330,222 square feet and is said to house 428 residential units. Amenities awaiting residents include Loyang Point, Tampine 1, Changi Museum, T tampine North Park, Tampaine Eco-Green and Aranda Country Club. The project is being developed by Tripartite Developers, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Leong Holdings Pte Ltd. The developer has a strong track record in property development in Singapore. 

This also means that the developer has plenty of land available to develop the resort’s amenities, such as a lagoon, swimming pool, beautiful landscaping, clubhouse, gym, lounge, water features, reading area, hot tub and more. Upon completion, residents will look forward to an exciting and relaxing living experience.

The layout is efficient, functional, and maximizes space for practical use. Thinking about how it’s done, I’ve controlled the width of the room to give the impression that it’s larger than its actual size. 

As for the balcony area, at 5 sqm, it’s about the size of a one bedroom apartment. However, one has managed to place a 3-seater sofa and a TV console next to the TV. The balcony space can be used, for example, in combination with 2 high stools and a table, as in a one-room study, ie. 

With the establishment of Jovell, Tripartite Development – a consortium consisting of Hong Leong Holdings, City Developments Ltd. and TID Pte Ltd – a joint venture between Hong LeONG Holdings and Japanese developer Mitsui- Fudosan – one of the remaining offices of the consortium on Landbank Flora Drive. However, little thought has been given to what differentiates Lifeparc Esta Apartments from the surrounding apartments.

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